Duck Musique

( 2002 - 2013 )


( 2003 - 2006 )

Colditz Glider were a four piece instrumental group from Melbourne, Austrailia You could say that it's progressive rock with elements of jazz harmony, the urgency of math metal and the energy of punk rock. There's also a strong focus on imagery, colour, striking arrangements and developing rhythmic and melodic movements. Comparisons have been made to Don Caballero, Tortoise, Yes, Frank Zappa, Battles.


Caley Groves - Guitar.

Lynden Brown - Guitar.

Ben Hallpike - Bass.

Ollie Williams - Drums.

Duck Musique sprung from humble beginnings back in feb 2002 as a guitar duo. Caley, moved in with his father Steve. Their love of Django Reinhardt, Stephan Grappelli and the quintette du hot club de France, provided all the inspiration to establish their repertoire. As the years past so too did the bottles of port, occasional gigs and endless jam sessions that would take place around the kitchen table.

In June 2005 the two decided to form a band and recruited Michael Harris on violin and Kelsey James on Vocals. After three months of solid rehearsing the band was ready to take on their first spot at the Lomond Hotel and then, continued on to play festivals and venues around the country.

Steve Groves - Guitar.

Caley Groves - Guitar.

Michael Harris - Violin.

Kelsey James - Vox.



"With the best part of these two years spent playing our hearts out, sharing the music in the lights - the only thing that makes me happy in life, playing with the best musicians and friends I've ever made to people's open hearts and firmly pressed palms held up towards the lights. This has never been about anything less than the most sincere and heartfelt gestures I'm ever able to give. I'll remember what was said, sung, written and played in these two years of compassion and commitment to something that started off as an idea to write music and turned into sharing this cathartic gift of sound to anyone who has been amazing enough to listen. All the colours and the sounds and the music in the lights and the laughter I'll remember what was said. Thanks for listening, we were heartfeltself." 2000-2002.

( 2000 - 2002 )


Caley Groves - Vox, Guitar.

Ben Andrews - Guitar, Screams.

Liam Andrews - Bass, Screams.

Rohan Rubeiro - Drums.


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