Caley Groves is an Australian born and raised professional guitarist and composer based in Shropshire UK.

Although formally educated in Melbourne at NMIT in 'Jazz and Contemporary Music', most of Caley's musical education was passed on to him by his father, Steve Groves. The two guitarists spent the best part of 13 years playing in band together performing around Australia.

Caley's experience and knowledge of the guitar is diverse to say the least. He has played in various rock, punk, folk and country outfits as well as composed music for films and documentaries. He held a teaching position at Soundworks Music Studio in Melbourne for 3 years teaching guitar to upwards of 30 students a week.

Although Caley has played and taught many styles over the years his main musical passion lies in the genre known to most as Gypsy Jazz, pioneered by the late great Django Reinhardt.

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